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Marriage equality needs you

Marriage Equality Needs YouSince the win at the Constitutional Convention in 2013, Marriage Equality approached the ICCL and GLEN to build a coalition campaign to win the referendum in 2015. That work is steaming ahead and with the support and solidarity of many LGBT and civil society organisations.

Three things you can do to ensure the majority of people vote YES to marriage equality in 2015:

  1. Check the register: go to and make sure your name is on the electoral register – if you are not on it, no matter how much you support civil marriage equality you will not be able to vote. Make sure your vote counts! Get your family and friends to check they are on it too.
  2. Fund the work: Winning referenda costs money. We need supporters like you to dig deep to support the Yes campaign for civil marriage equality. Donate today and organise fundraising events to help fund the campaign. Your money will allow us to run the strongest campaign possible. Your small change will enable us to make big changes – donate today!
  3. Start conversations: Speak to those who are already supportive and make sure they intend to vote – start conversations with your friends and family and with your workmates or student colleagues. Sharing your story or the stories of others about why marriage matters to same-sex couples is a sure way to change hearts and minds and mobilise the YES vote. Be an ambassador for the Yes to civil marriage campaign. Listen to the concerns raised by those who have not yet made up their minds. Addressing these concerns is how we win. Start those conversations today!

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