Why We Need Your Support

Your donation will help to fund the work we do every single day to make marriage equality a reality in Ireland. Why is our work so important? Why should you make a donation to help support Marriage Equality?

Because the time is NOW. In April 2013, the Constitutional Convention considered the issue of same-sex marriage, and 79% voted to recommend that equal marriage rights be provided for in the Irish Constitution. The government now have until November 1st to discuss the recommendations and to possibly set a timeframe for a referendum on the issue. Last month the Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore TD said he expects a referendum on marriage equality in 2014. This is THE next step to getting marriage equality across the line.

The Next Step

  • Because since our campaign started, support for marriage equality in Ireland has gone from 58% to 73%, one of the highest levels in the world.
  • Because approximately 6 to 10% of the general Irish population are not able to marry the person they love.
  • Because there are places in the world where same-sex couples CAN get married, and we believe Ireland should want to be included on that list.
  • Because couples who HAVE legally married abroad cannot have their marriages legally recognised in Ireland. Instead their marriages are recognised as civil partnerships.
  • Because children and families of same-sex partners remain unprotected under Irish law: "It scares me to know that when me and my brother were children, if anything had happened to our birth mum, there was a risk that we could have been taken from our other mum, because she is not recognised as our legal parent." (Conor P)
  • Because your support will make a difference to same sex couples, our families and our children: "Like many other people in the world, we just want to get married." (Jessica W)

Because we need YOU to help us make marriage equality a reality. 

The next 4 months are a crucial time for the campaign for marriage equality and we need to make sure that we’re here to keep this issue alive and to keep the pressure on.  We know we can deliver this with your support.  We need YOUR financial help to ensure that we can keep doing this important work.  

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