About Civil Partnerships

Marriage Equality would like to congratulate all the couples who have registered their notice of intention to enter a civil partnership with registrars all across the country since January 2011 and to the couples who have already registered their Civil Partnership, like Hugh and Barry (right)

Hugh Walsh and Barry Dignam (Photo by Audrey O'Reilly)Hugh Walsh and Barry Dignam (Photo by Audrey O'Reilly)We wish you every happiness on your special day. We'll be celebrating with you as we continue to push for equality for same-sex couples and all our families and we hope that you will too.

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What is a Civil Partnership?

The Irish Government enacted the Civil Partnership Act in 2010 as an attempt to provide some rights and recognition to same sex couples by legally recognising their relationships for the first time. 

Although civil partnership in Ireland marked an important step in relationship recognition for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, there is still some work to be done to reach our ultimate goal of equality for same sex couples, our families and our children.  We’ve identified over 160 statutory differences between civil partnership and civil marriage.  Through our work with elected representatives and our allies in the Dáil and Seanad, we have been able to close many of these gaps – including many around finance and taxation.

How do I register a Civil Partnership?

For more information on registering your notice of intention to enter a civil partnership, please visit the Civil Partnership section of the General Register Office's website.

What happens after we've registered our Civil Partnership?

For information on Taxation for Civil Partners, please read "Taxation and Civil Partnerships - Frequently Asked Questions on Civil Partnerships" - a publication by the Revenue Commissioners.

(NOTE - Taxation and Civil Partnerships has been updated as of January 16, 2012)

My partner and I were already married (or had a civil partnership ceremony) outside Ireland. Now that Civil Partnerships are recognised here, what do we need to do?

Under the Civil Partnership Act, most same-sex marriages or civil partnerships entered into outside Ireland will automatically be recognised as a civil partnership in Irish law, provided that they meet certain conditions.

For a full list of relationships recognised as civil partnerships in Ireland, please see:

SI No. 649 of 2010

SI No. 642 of 2011 (update)

UPDATE 2013 - additional foreign registered relationships recognition


Title of Relationship

AustriaEingetragene Partnerschaft-Gesetz 
Czech Republic Registrované partnerství

(a) Registreret partnerskab

(b) Marriage

FinlandRekisteröity parisuhde
GermanyEingetragene lebenspartnerschaft

(a) Staðfest samvist

(b) Marriage
Isle of ManCivil Partnership
Mexico CityMarriage
New ZealandCivil Union

(a) Registrert partnerskap

(b) Marriage
South Africa

(a) Marriage

(b) Civil Partnership

(a) Registrerat partnerskap

(b) Marriage
SwitzerlandEingetragene Partnerschaft / Partenariat enregistré 
United Kingdom Civil Partnership
California (USA)Marriage
Connecticut (USA) 

(a) Civil Union

(b) Marriage
Delaware (USA)Civil Union
Hawaii (USA)Civil Union
Illinois (USA)Civil Union
Iowa (USA)Marriage
Massachusetts (USA) Marriage
New Hampshire (USA) 

(a) Civil Union

(b) Marriage
New Jersey (USA)Civil Union
New York (USA)Marriage
Oregon (USA)Domestic Partnership
Rhode Island (USA)Civil Union
Vermont (USA)

(a) Civil Union

(b) Marriage
Washington State (USA) Marriage
Washington DC (USA)Marriage

 Information via Department of Justice and Equality, 2013.