Katherine Zappone and Ann Louise Gilligan have been fighting since 2003 for legal recognition of their Canadian marriage.

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One hundred per cent behind you Katherine and Ann Louise. Best wishes for a positive outcome today. Noelle


To Dr Ann Louise Gilligan and Senator Katherine Zappone.
I fully support your case with the supreme Court and I am sorry that you come up against so many walls regarding it. I am in a similar suituation regarding a Canadian marriage, but my relationship with my partner has since ended due to her having an affair. I will at some stage in the near future have to go through a divorse, with no support from Irish law.
It is a discrace that so many Irish people do not have the same rights as their brothers and sisters and I wish you all the best in your fight for equal rights.
May you always find the strength and compassion to argue your case in the professional and dignified manner as you have done so far and know always that there are people out there, supporting you both all the way.
Kind regards.

Laura Duggan

Dear Katherine and Ann Louise,

I really can't thank you enough for what you're both doing, you are going to change lives. You are both so brave to be taking this on for all of us in Ireland and beyond, I am proud to have you standing up for us.

You are both an inspiration.

Aine and Cat

Hi Katherine and Ann Louise,

We are also a bi-national couple (also Seattle/Dublin!) and we have been following your story with much interest and hope for the last few years.

While we can only imagine how difficult this struggle is for you both, we just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much of an impact your bravery and tirelessness has had on us.

Please know that we love and support you, and are cheering for you on both sides of the Atlantic!

Áine and Cat

John Ryan

I feel both of you are truly representative of the wider community who want “Equality” whilst we are heading in the right direction it is not enough, Civil Partnership is only a stepping stone to full marriage equality. Myself and my partner have not taken the Civil Partnership route as we do not want to “CIVIL PARTNERSHIPED” I hope today you are both successful and thank you so much for flying the flag of all people who just want equality.