Leave a Legacy

At Marriage Equality, we won't be around forever. Once we've secured equality for same sex couples and our families, we'll all be moving on.

And although we may have achieved OUR goal, the truth is there will ALWAYS need to be a means of addressing the needs of our LGBT communities... whatever and whenever those may be.

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Leaving a Legacy

We know that your loved ones will be first in your thoughts when considering your will. After taking care of them, you may wish to consider helping lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender (LGBT) organisations in Ireland (and other organisations that support LGBT groups) by leaving a gift to The Community Foundation for Ireland's LGBT Fund for Ireland. More detailed information is available here.

You Can Help

Our friends and funders at The Community Foundation for Ireland seek equality for all. Since 2000, The Foundation has been one of the most consistent and committed supporters of LGBT group In Ireland. Between 2000 and the end of 2011 almost €500k in support has been given to groups in every corner of Ireland. In 2012 they set up a dedicated LGBT Fund for Ireland for the general public to donate to and / or support in your will.

Making a will does not have to be expensive or complicated. Your solicitor can help you make choices to suit your circumstances. Gifts in your will to a charity for charitable purposes are not subject to tax. Whether you are making your first will, redoing your will - for example in the context of a civil partnership - or making a codicil to an existing will, you can choose to support The LGBT Fund for Ireland (LGBT Fund).

Why Support the LGBT Fund for Ireland

The LGBT Fund for Ireland at The Community Foundation exists so people can donate to a broad range of causes that benefit the community. It is the donating option people choose when they want their money to benefit the LGBT community as a whole and not just one specific cause.

Relatively few charitable bequests are currently received by LGBT charities in Ireland. The LGBT Fund provides a new avenue to positively address this situation and to provide an opportunity to make a real difference through their will.

The LGBT Fund for Ireland sits within, and is managed by, The Community Foundation for Ireland. The Community Foundation is a registered charity. A donor services organisation, it is one of the leading grant-makers in Ireland and has been providing donations to LGBT organisations in Ireland since 2000 on behalf of third party donors. Our governance structures are such that The Community Foundation for Ireland is a highly open, respected and trusted charitable organisation.

The LGBT Fund at The Community Foundation for Ireland pools charitable bequests; and other funding received; to make grants to a broad base of LGBT not for profit organisations across Ireland. Grant-making from The LGBT Fund is thoughtful, informed and insightful and reflects the needs of the day.

What the Fund will Support

The Fund will support a variety of initiatives to positively support LGBT organisations in Ireland and to tackle discrimination here. The Community Foundation has significant experience in identifying great projects to support. The current criteria for applicant groups to the Fund is www.communityfoundation.ie/our-grants/apply-for-lgbt-communities-grant These criteria are prepared in partnership with LGBT organisations and will be amended from time to time as needs change.

Please click here for examples of just some of the many projects previously supported by The Community Foundation.

Find Out More

If you would like to talk about your gift to The LGBT Fund at The Community Foundation and the various options, please contact Niall O'Sullivan, Head of Fund Development on 01 874 7354 or by email: nosullivan@foundation.ie

The Community Foundation for Ireland, 32 Lower O Connell Street, Dublin 1
Tel: + 353 1 874 7354, Fax: + 353 1 874 7637