EAPN Guide to the 31st Dail

EAPN Guide to the 31st Dail



This Guide has been produced by the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) Ireland and builds on the Guide to the 30th Dáil published by the Network in 2007. It is intended as a short briefing on the functioning of the Dáil and a simple explanation of specific areas that may be of interest to people operating in the community/NGO sector in attempting to make the best use of the Dáil.

In addition to providing some background information about the make-up of the Dáil and when it is in session, this briefing outlines how legislation is passed in the Dáil and how you can impact on proposed legislation; how parliamentary questions are put and how to lobby Dáil Committees. The Guide also outlines the role the Dáil plays in engaging with EU policy proposals.

More information can be found on the Oireachtas website, www.oireachtas.ie, which is an excellent source of information. The previous day's Dáil debates are published there every day, and transcripts of Committee meetings are also available.

At the end of this document, there is a full list of party spokespersons and Ministers the along with a current list of Oireachtas Joint Committees and their members, and a summary of the programme for Government which outlines the Government's commitments for their term in office.