Taoiseach refuses to comment on partnership legislation

20 Feb 2008

LAUNCH4 Moninne Griffith, Co-ordinator, addresses the audience at the launch of MarriagEquality in the Mansion House, Monday 18 February, 2008

The Taoiseach, Berite Ahern, refused to be drawn on either the content or the publication date of the Government's proposed Civil Partnership Bill when the issue was raised in the Dail yesterday.

The full story can be read in today's Irish Independent, available here.

MarriagEquality believes that the Government's civil partnership scheme will be minimalist, at best, and will not give gay and lesbian people the same rights as heterosexual couples receive through marriage.

However, MarriagEquality will reserve judgement until the Heads of Bill are published and looks forward to engaging with the Government on this issue.