MarriagEquality: Response to Cardinal Sean Brady’s comments on Civil Partnership and Civil Marriage Speaking at the 11th Annual Ceifin Conference

4 Nov 2008

"The comments by Cardinal Sean Brady continue to stigmatize the children raised by gay mums and dads and underlines that he is out of touch with modern Ireland," said Moninne Griffith, Coordinator, MarriagEquality. "All adults and children are entitled to equality regardless of their sexuality or the sexuality of their parents, this however is not the case and must change."

She continued, "It is high time that the lesbian and gay family unit, including children, are recognised and protected in Ireland. Indeed, 84% of the Irish population support civil partnership or civil marriage being made available to lesbians and gay men and an overwhelming 86% agree that children of gay and lesbian parents should have the same family rights as the children of married parents."

Ms Griffith concluded, "Although MarriagEquality are calling for civil marriage to be opened up to lesbians and gay men, we do no believe that children raised outside of marriage are any lesser than those raised by a man and woman. What is important is that the children are raised in a loving home."

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