Lesbians and gay men's civil liberties are under attack from the Catholic Church

11 Nov 2008

Last week Cardinal Sean Brady called on the public to challenge civil partnership when it is made law. Brady's exact words were as follows:

"If this is the case (the introduction of civil partnership which he believes is 'de facto marriage'), those who are committed to the probity of the Constitution, to the moral integrity of the Word of God, and, to the precious human value of marriage between a man and a woman as the foundation of society, may have to pursue all legal and democratic challenges to the published legislation."

David Quinn, Director of the Iona Institute and columnist for the Irish Independent, a supporter of the Cardinal, appeared on Questions and Answers last night with no LGB representative invited on the panel. Thankfully, Mark McCarron and Paul Kenny (LGBT Noise) were in the audience to challenge Quinn's views. However, what followed was an outright attack on lesbian and gay relationships, and our ability to raise children as caring, loving parents.

While both Mark and Paul did an amazing job, participating from the audience is difficult. Obviously being on the panel is ideal.

The link to the piece follows, http://www.rte.ie/news/qanda/. If you watch the piece and feel that something needs to be done about this attack on lesbians and gay men, contact MarriagEquality on 01 6599 459 and be part of a movement towards equal rights for lesbians and gay men.