Inaugural MarriagEquality Advocate of the Month

12 May 2009


MarriagEquality recognise the fact that not all the work being done towards progressing the issue of civil marriage rights for lesbians and gay men is being done from the desk or at protests. There are other organisations, political parties and individuals who are making enormous positive inroads into this burning issue.

In MarriagEquality, we believe that organisations and political parties receive enough attention and we want to praise the work which individuals conduct to help secure equal marriage rights for members of the LGBT community.

To honour these people, we are happy to announce the creation of the MarriagEquality Advocate of the Month.

The May MarriagEquality Advocate of the Month is a person who helped dramatically increase support within the community for the issue. Prior to her involvement, the issue just wasn't at the top of some people's agenda, but following an angry blog about a Noise protest in February, she helped catapult the subject into the hearts and minds of many. We are of course speaking about Panti.

Panti, we praise you for your passion, your righteous anger, your commitment to the issue. Your involvement has undoubtedly helped raise the stakes and move the debate to a new level.

We pray to Dolly Parton to give you strength to fight the good fight in the coming days, weeks, months but hopefully not years. Let's make civil marriage happen sooner than that!

The MarriagEquality team thanks you Panti.