Dublin PRIDE - Call to Action

18 May 2009

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MarriagEquality and Noise are joining forces for Dublin Pride 2009 'Pride and Prejudice' and we want you!

This years festival rightly celebrates Pride in who we are as LGBTQ people and as a community, but questions prejudices eminating from our own community and society at large.

As advocates and activists for civil marriage we want to communiate our desire to have the option to marry but also communicate the inequality we face with civil partnership at Pride 2009.

So here's the plan, we want you to march with us at Pride, but not in your civies. We want you to be brave, to chanel your 'righteous anger' as coined by the wonderful Rory O'Neill (AKA Miss Panti), but most of all we want you to get creative and march in half a tux or half a wedding gown to signify the half measures which civil partership will give us as lesbian women and gay men. There's no such thing as half equality, or half rights, much the same as no bride or groom would wed in half a gown or tux! But for one day only that's exactly what we plan on.

Imagine the scene, 50-100 proud Noisey MarriagEquality supporters, some with a meringue style wedding gown (bottom half only - a vest on top for the girls!) or black tux trousers held up by braces, maybe a hat for the top but cetainly no shirt of jacket! Of course you could just have the tux top and boxer shorts at the bottom. We'll give the creative licence to you!

Lesbians and gay men are known for their panache, their joie de vivre, and we want to combine that with the inner activist in us all to produce a Pride float that will go down in the history books. So to help us along the way we've combined forces with Panti Bar and their Monday night 'Make and Do Do' to Pimp My Pride on Monday 15th June. Yes, we'll help you pimp your outift to a show stopping level. Nothing is too flamboyant and remember, there can never be enough sparkle!

So what next? Well we need to hear from you soon, we'd love you to call us and register.

MarriagEquality and Noise came together for Pride because we believe that a collective effort will have a greater impact at Pride and send out the appropriate message to Government, united we stand and united we'll wed. Be part of the collective, call or email us today.

Tel: 01-6599 459