June's MarriagEquality Advocate of the Month

9 Jun 2009

Lisa Connell Lisa Connell

May saw Miss Panti being awarded the inaugural MarriagEquality Advocate of the Month. This award is a way for MarriagEquality to single out and praise the work conducted by individuals from the community who strive to bring us one step closer to civil marriage for same-sex couples.

This month we are proud to announce Lisa Connell as the June MarriagEquality Advocate of the Month. Lisa stood in the local elections on the LGBT Equality card. Lisa's canvassing brought her to the doors of many in the South West Inner City Constituency who had never met a person from our community. Her warmth and winning smile quickly made them see that we are just like anyone else and deserve equality.

Lisa was also a founding member of Noise and Equals. She presently works in GCN so in every aspect of her life she's flying the flag, striving to make Dublin and Ireland a better place for us all.

Lisa, during the month of June, when Pride is so important to us, thank you for having Pride in our community and putting yourself on the line to promote not only marriage equality, but LGBT issues in general.