Portugal to legalize same-sex marriage

9 Nov 2009

by Rex Wockner

Sources close to Portuguese Prime Minister José Sócrates, who is forming a new government following September elections, said Oct. 23 that legalizing same-sex marriage will be one of the new team's first actions.

"The measure is part of the official program of the party and according to government sources, the move will be done as soon as [formation of] the government is complete," writes correspondent João Paulo from PortugalGay.pt.

Sócrates' Socialist Party captured 97 of Parliament's 230 seats. With 31 additional votes from members of the Left Bloc and the Communist Party, both of which support gay marriage, Sócrates should be able to pass the bill easily.

Portugal has had a "de facto unions" law for opposite- and same-sex couples since 2001 that grants limited rights to couples who have lived together for at least two years.

Article taken from www.baywindows.com