MarriagEquality December Advocates of the Month

4 Dec 2009

MarriagEquality Volunteers MarriagEquality Volunteers

Christmas is fast approaching, we're nearing the end of a hard years labour, and before the festive season blankets us all with nights in, nights out and general craziness, we'd like to take this opportunity to honour our dedicated team of volunteers.

In reality, MarriagEquality would not be where it is without its volunteers who selflessly give their time and energy to the campaign. Their selection as our Advocates of the Month is timely, with International Volunteer Day taking place on December 5th.

We salute the work they conduct on behalf of MarriagEquality. Their commitment to securing equal marriage rights for same-sex couples is without compromise.

Their dedication transformed our TD campaign into something real, lasting and a force to be reckoned with; they have helped with the daunting task of fundraising; provided us with invaluable insights and feedback about our mobilisation work; they have reached out to the LGBT community, listening to your concerns and wishes; they have brought us one step closer to equality.

Our volunteers past and present in 2009 include Carol Armstrong, Darina Brennan, John Delap, Rosa Devine, Laura Finlay, Michelle Malone, Aisling McHugh, Laura Shehan. Joe Coveney, Kari Hannigan, Mary Healy, Barbara Hughes, Jody Madigan, Luke McDonald, Tara McDonal, John McNamara, Charles O'Donnell, Billy Rabbitte, Clodagh Robinson and Elayne Tighe.

Of course, it is not fair to expect our troops to give their time year on year. And so we hope that you dear reader might consider joining us. All we ask is four hours of your time once a month. If this is something you would like to talk to us more about please call Dawn in our office on 01-659 9459.

We asked our volunteers to send us some words which they'd associate with volunteering for MarriagEquality, here's what they said;

Laura Shehan

"Talking to MarriagEquality's supporters is always energizing and I'm constantly amazed by how much activism is going on around the country (not to mention appreciative of the willingness of people to take my regular calls). I hope that our calls do help to sustain the high level of engagement until all TDs have received their fair share of visitors and can no longer ignore the demand for full equality!'

John Delap

"I was first drawn to MarriagEquality because I admire the approach they use to bringing about social change. The TD campaign empowers people to engage as citizens in this republic. Working as part of this team as been both challenging and rewarding - it's an honor to be a part of the campaign in this way."

Darina Brennan

"Equality is the soul of Liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it." -Frances Wright

Rosa Devine

"I like to lend a hand to all the people who work on the issue of equality day-in, day-out. Plus, it's interesting and good craic."

Aisling McHugh

"Volunteering for MarriagEquality has been a fantastic learning experience so far and it's been great talking to the supporters as they are always so friendly and passionate about the issues."

Carol Armstrong

"I volunteer for Dublin Pride and really enjoy it so decided I wanted to volunteer elsewhere. I decided on MarriagEquality because I believe in equal civil marriage for same-sex couples and I think the TD campaign embodies what democracy is all about."

Laura Finlay

"I like it because I love being involved in the fight for gay civil marriage, and I like seeing how involved the people I call are willing to get."