MarriagEquality February Advocate of the Month

2 Feb 2010

Peter Tatchell Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell has been awarded February's MarriagEquality Advocate of the Month for his outstanding work in promoting LGBT human rights, especially his efforts to promote equal marriage rights for same-sex couples.

In May 2009, Peter addressed the NLGF's Marriage Matters Symposium. His speech contained very important messages not least when he reminded us that, "Some people may say that civil partnerships are a stepping stone to civil marriage, that if we get civil partnerships that will move us in the right direction. Well, that has not been experience in Britain. I can tell you very clearly that civil partnerships have effectively killed off the campaign for same-sex civil marriage."

Peter's message is especially important with the imminent introduction of civil partnership into Irish law. Though the Irish Government is making steps towards recognising same-sex relationships, the provisions proposed will enshrine inequality into law by setting up a completely separate system for relationship recognition only for LGBT couples. Once introduced, civil partntership could delay equal marriage rights for same-sex couples living in Ireland by 10 or 20 years. In Sweden for example, after civil partnership was introduced, it took 14 years for the Government to legislate for civil marriage.

Peter has worked tirelessly and valiantly for human rights, democracy and global justice for decades. His efforts in LGBT human rights has helped countless people globally who face discrimination, prejudice, imprisonment and even death in their homeland.

MarriagEquality is delighted to have this opportunity to thank Peter for his bravery in facing the numerous opponents to LGBT human rights and we are sure that his legacy will guarantee a better place for all LGBT people to live in.