Mexico: Supreme Court Upholds Mexico City's Marriage Equality Law

22 Feb 2010

Mexico's Supreme Court on Friday rejected three out of five challenges to Mexico City's gay marriage law, El Universal reported. The court said the challenges brought by the governors of three states controlled by the conservative PAN Party were "clearly inappropriate."

The decision, written by Minister Sergio Valls, said the states did not have the legal authority to challenge the laws of another state or the nation's federal district of Mexico City. The court's ruling applies to lawsuits submitted by the states of Morelos, Guanajuato and Tlaxcala.

The law - approved in December and expected to take effect on March 4 - is a first for Latin America. It gives gay and lesbian couples all the rights and responsibilities of marriage, including the right to adopt children. Previously, the city government recognized gay couples with civil unions, but gay adoption was banned.

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