Public Service Executive Union publishes survey on LGBT members

3 Mar 2010

In this month's Public Service Review, Billy Hannigan, Deputy General Secretary of the PSEU, discusses the findings of a survey carried out by the PSEU on LGBT issues effecting members. The survey was developed as part of an Equality Studies training programme, organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, PSEU President Fiona Lee and Billy Hannigan DGS to inform what actions the Union might need to take to address any concerns LGBT members might have in relation to their workplace.

The issue of marriage equality was raised by many of those who took part.

You can read the report online here

In the same issue, at page 9, Dependants' Benefits Pensions are discussed and a new scheme that the PSEU are recommending, to replace the existing Spouses' and Children's' Pension Schemes, which would benefit same sex public service employees. You can read the issue online here

We are delighted and encouraged that the PSEU are working hard for equality for their LGBT members and would encourage anyone who is a member of a Trade Union to voice issues which effect them, including marriage equality, at any opportunity. Our friends in the Trade Union movement are willing to help with the campaign for equality for LGBT people, but they need members to put motions forward beginning at branch level, so that they have a mandate to take action.

If you have any queries about how to raise issues within your Trade Union, please call us in the office at (01)6599459