March Marriage Equality Advocate of the Month

8 Mar 2010

Sheila and Madonna Sheila and Madonna

Drag duo Sheila Fitzpatrick and Madonna Lucia (real-life couple Mike Shinners and Evan Kennedy) are March's Marriage Equality Advocates of the Month

Sheila and Madonna have campaigned tirelessly across Ireland to promote equal marriage rights for same-sex couples.

Most recently, Sheila and Madonna performed at the Cork Action for Equality fundraiser in December which generated much needed funds for Marriage Equality.

Sheila and Madonna are huge advocates specifically in Limerick and the South West of Ireland. They have been involved in Limerick Pride for numerous years and last year hosted a panel discussion on civil partnership and civil marriage. In addition, their Pride calendar included a White Knot Campaign fundraiser for Marriage Equality.

Even when performing, Sheila and Madonna use the stage to tell people about why equal marriage rights for same-sex couples are so important. One of the most memorable times was when Sheila was handing over her Alternative Miss Ireland Crown and used the 'Swan Song' as a platform for Marriage Equality during the performance.

We thank Sheila, Madonna, Mike and Evan from the bottom of our hearts. They have been steadfast and inspirational and have helped to take the campaign to new heights and to new audiences. Bravo!