Marriage Equality June Heroes of the Month

1 Jun 2010

Publication cover - We Are Family 1 Cover image for We Are Family 1

The 5 wonderful families who feature in the Marriage Equality We Are Family poster campaign are our June Heroes of the Month.

In no particular order we'd like to thank Orla, Grainne, Daire and Clare; David and Gary; Colm and Jed; Michael and Jaime and Trish, Grainne and Conor.

We Are Family is a national poster campaign which gives visibility to same-sex families living in Ireland. The posters depict our hero families showing that these families exist in Ireland and call on members of the public to help us secure equal rights for them.

Without these amazing families, this campaign wouldn't have come to fruition. To-date the posters are on the Dublin Bus fleet and have been sent nationally to Family Resource Centres, Citizen Information Centres and Libraries.

Currently in Ireland, lesbian and gay families (with and without children), have no legal rights and protections because only a family based on marriage is recognised as a legal family unit.

Civil marriage will legally recognise and protect same-sex families, civil partnership will not.

Marriage Equality simply ask that if you believe in equal rights for same-sex families, then visit your TD or Senator to directly ask for change for these families.

Our campaign is dependent on real people telling real stories so that members of the public understand that LGBT rights isn't some ideological discussion but our reality.

Our most sincere thanks and well wishes to our wonderful families. We hope your efforts will help families now and in the future.

JamieOrla GrainneGaryJedTrish, Conor