Ombudsman for Children criticises the Civil Partnership Bill for not addressing rights of children in same sex families

8 Jul 2010

The Ombudsman for Children, has made a submission on the Civil Partnership Bill 2009, in advance of the Seanad's consideration of the bill. She highlights concerns she has 'regarding the broad approach taken to the consideration of children's rights in the Bill and the impact the legislation will have on the children directly affected by it'. In particular she outlines a number of key concerns where the Bill does not adequately address the rights and needs of children, such as;

  • 'The omission of robust protections for the children of civil partners will have real consequences for the young people concerned and it is in their interests that the law reflect and provide for the reality of their lives'.
  • '...the failure to provide adequately for children in the Bill is concerning, particularly as no argument based primarily on the interests of children has been advanced by the Government to support its approach to children in the Bill. Indeed, the fact that other considerations can supersede the best interests of children in the drafting of legislation that concerns them so directly is a matter of serious concern.'

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