Lunch to Raise Crucial Funds for Marriage Equality

1 Oct 2010

Today, Marriage Equality is hosting its annual fundraising lunch and is hoping to raise thousands of Euro to assist with the continuation of the campaign. The 100 plus guests will be wined and dined in the beautiful surroundings of Fire Restaurant by GALAs winner for Business Person of the Year and Head Chef, Darina Brennan. Music is being provided by Jaime Nanci and The Blue Boys. There is an endless list of incredible prizes for the raffle all generously donated by Ireland's business community. Marriage Equality would especially like to thank Tour America, Rainbowsure and The Wright Venue.

Marriage Equality has received numerous calls from supporters who can't attend but would like to contribute. If you were unable to commit to the day, or if you would like to send a contribution to guarantee the continuation of the campaign, you can find out how to donate by visiting Marriage Equality is reliant on the general public to support the campaign, you're donation will make a huge contribution to the work we do.

Moninne Griffith, Director, Marriage Equality, said, "The funds raised from today's lunch of any extra donations we receive over the next few weeks will be helping fund an outdoor billboard campaign. We need the Government and people of Ireland to see take note and realise that the campaign is not going away or being silenced by civil partnership. The community want marriage equality and we aim to make it happen. The dream is to have billboards with simple messages dotted around the country and this lunch will bring us one step closer."

Marriage Equality would like to extend its thanks to all the people, groups and businesses who made today's lunch possible. In addition, sincere and heart felt thanks goes out to the supporters of the campaign. More information about the campaign and ways to support it is available from