Daley says Illinois should legalize gay marriage

3 Dec 2010

Chicago, Illinois - 02 December 2010

Mayor Richard Daley today thanked the General Assembly today for coming "into this new century" by passing a civil unions bill to provide same-sex couples with additional rights and benefits.

And Daley said he hopes that eventually same-sex couples will enjoy full marriage rights in Illinois.

"I think finally they realized they should have the same rights under state law, which is really important, and eventually marriage will take place, it has to be," Daley said while talking to reporters at a news conference at Navy Pier about winter tourism.

"These are great citizens here in Chicago. They are a tremendous resource in our great city," Daley said.

"I am for this, it finally came, we're in the new century, we have to move faster," he said.


Via The Chicago Tribune