Invitation to UPR Consultation

8 Feb 2011

Publication cover - UPR Information Leaflet Cover image for UPR Information Leaflet

This year, Ireland's human rights record will be examined under the new United Nations Universal Periodic Review process. Seventeen leading organisations have come together to make sure that the UN hears your views about Your Rights. Right Now.

In February, the Rights Now campaign will be travelling around Ireland talking to individuals and organisations. Free public information events will be held across the country. These events present your organisation, those you represent and members of the public with an opportunity to express your views on these important issues.

You are cordially invited to our free public information events. A calendar of events is available on the website. If an event is not taking place near you, we can organise additional events in or near your area.

Please see the attached UPR Information Leaflet for more information. We would be delighted if you could post the leaflet in your premises and spread the word among members and representatives. Rights Now is your opportunity to get involved in the UPR process. We want to know about Your Rights. Right Now.

If you have any questions or would like us to organise an event in your area please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing us at

For more information please see the campaign website or contact the UPR team.