General Election 2011 - Make Your Mark for LGBT People

15 Feb 2011

ERA lgbt

'Some important legislative changes still remain a priority for gay and lesbian people to have equality - amendment of Section 37 of the Employment Equality Act which allows schools to discriminate based on religious ethos is a priority'

Grainne Healy, speaking at ERA election launch 2011
Watch Grainne's input in full here

The facts:

  • The Civil Partnership Act 2010 does not allow same-sex couples to access civil marriage and discriminates against the children of same-sex relationships by not affording them the same legal recognition and protection as children of opposite-sex relationships.
  • The negative impact of homophobia and related discrimination on the health and well-being of lgbt people is significant and has been linked to mental health issues, self-harm and suicide among lgbt people.
  • Lgbt people still experience significant levels of violence and harassment directed against them. Research also indicates high levels of homophobic bullying in schools which have a hugely negative impact for students identifying as lesbian and gay in terms of educational and social outcomes.

Declare it on the Doorstep:

A strong equality and human rights infrastructure will promote greater equality in Irish society.

Equality & Rights Alliance has developed a roadmap which outlines a number of key recommendations to build a stronger equality, anti-poverty and human rights infrastructure.

Four key recommendations in our roadmap which would promote greater equality for lgbt people:

  1. Introduce a positive duty for public sector organisations to have due regard to equality and human rights in carrying out their functions and to implement positive action measures to achieve full equality in practice in employment and service provision. Introduce a duty on private sector organisations to be planned and systematic in their approach to equality.
  2. Expand the grounds covered by the equality legislation to include the ground of socio- economic status.
  3. Expand the grounds covered by the equality legislation to include trans people, who require a more visible and comprehensive treatment in equality legislation.
  4. Amend the exemptions in relation to religious ethos in the equality legislation to ensure that they are not a source of discrimination on other grounds, in particular on the grounds of sexual orientation and family status.

Do your local candidates for election support equality and human rights?

Present ERA key demands to representatives canvassing for your vote in
general election 2011 and let us know their response: