I Leave Here - Based on a True Story

15 Feb 2011

I Leave Here

Inspired by a real life struggle, I LEAVE HERE is a feature-length love story about two women in the United States, one French and one American, whose life together is jeopardised when the Frenchwoman's visa is denied. Until the US legislature passes the Uniting American Families Act or grants gays some version of federal marriage rights, one will be forced to make a profound sacrifice - giving up family and career - in order for them to be together.

I LEAVE HERE is not a political film, but a romance in which the lovers are driven apart by political forces. After the tremendous success of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN and MILK, it is time now for a film representing the female gay experience.

But the film's reach also goes beyond this demographic in exploring universally relatable conceptions of home, duty, and destiny. Home is not only where the heart is, but where one's calling lies. When equally sacred values are in conflict, how does one choose between them?

Empowered and brought to life by the attached visionary creative team, I LEAVE HERE promises to be a succesfully compelling cinematic experience.


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