Congratulations to all couples registering Civil Partnerships!

21 Feb 2011

Marriage Equality would like to congratulate all the couples who have registered their notice of intention to enter a civil partnership with registrars all across the country over the past few weeks and to the couples who have already registered their Civil Partnership (see the article in the Irish Examiner).

We wish you every happiness on your special day and look forward to same sex relationships being recognised by the State for the first time in Ireland and the rights (and obligations) that will flow from this recognition. We'll be celebrating with you as we continue to push for equality for same-sex couples and all our families and we hope that you will too.

For more information on registering your notice of intention to enter a civil partnership, please visit the Civil Partnership section of the General Register Office's website.

Favours for Equality

If you're looking for unique civil partnership favours that make a difference, why not make a donation to Marriage Equality? Not only will you be helping to financially support the campaign, but you will also be raising awareness of the inequality and discrimination that same-sex couples continue to experience.

Our wedding and civil partnership favour cards contain a small paragraph about Marriage Equality and what we do; this helps to raise awareness of the campaign with your guests who may not be familiar with our work and why we need to keep pushing for equality.

To find out more about Marriage Equality's wedding and civil partnership favours, and to see some of our design samples, please click here.

Will you be attending a Civil Partnership registration this year?

A gift to Marriage Equality is the perfect way to celebrate the love and commitment your friends will be sharing on their big day.

If you include the names and contact information for the happy couple, we will send them a note to inform them that you have given a gift to Marriage Equality in their honour.

Please click here to give a gift in honour of your friends.