Programme for Government - Keep the pressure on new TDs

28 Feb 2011

With the counts for the General Election finally completed, we have a clear picture of what the 31st Dáil will look like. RTE has comprehensive coverage of the election results, which can be found here.

Fine Gael and the Labour Party will most likely form the next Government and negotiations are already underway in relation to the Programme for Government. These negotiations will decide what issues from each Party's election manifesto will make it in to the new Government's plan of what it will work to achieve during its lifetime.

At Marriage Equality, we want to make sure that a commitment to achieving marriage equality for same sex couples is included in the Programme for Government, so that it remains a priority political issue.

We are asking all our supporters, friends and families to call, email or visit their newly-elected TDs in Fine Gael and the Labour Party and urge them to do everything in their power to ensure that the issue of marriage equality for same sex couples is included in the Programme for Government.

The Labour Party gave a strong commitment to achieving marriage equality in their election manifesto and although some individual Fine Gael TDs showed support for marriage equality in the run up to the election, it was not part of their election manifesto and according to Enda Kenny, it is not a priority issue for them. So they all need encouragement from all of us to show them that equality is a priority issue for us, our friends and families.


From the Labour Party Manifesto:
Equality is for everyone. Labour will hold a referendum on gay marriage rights (p.7)
Labour is committed to holding a referendum to provide for constitutional recognition of same sex marriage (p.80)


Make sure your TD knows how you feel about the issue - Same sex couples and our families deserve equality today!

We've compiled a selection of reasons why a commitment to achieve marriage equality for same sex couples should be included in the Programme for Government, why the Time is Now for marriage equality:


Public Opinion

  • Public support for marriage equality has grown over the last few years, from 51% in October 2006 to 67% in September 2010 (Irish Times Poll).
  • In research carried out by Lansdowne Market Research in February 2010, 62% of people surveyed said they would vote in favour of same sex marriage if a referendum on the issue was held.
  • The Irish Independent (24 February) published a poll showing that 2/3 of Irish people believe that same sex couples should have the right to marry.

Mobilisation of the Lesbian and Gay community

  • Not since the decriminalisation of homosexuality almost 20 years ago have lesbian and gay people been so organised and mobilised around one issue that affects our lives.
  • Over 5000 people took part in the March for Marriage in August 2009, and approximately 12,000 people took part in Dublin Pride in 2010 with the theme "We are Family", calling for equality for our families.
  • Strategic allies from across civil society have pledged their support, and if a referendum is needed and called, these allies will support our joint campaign.

The KAL Case

  • The Zappone-Gilligan appeal case will be heard by the Supreme Court later this year.
  • If the case is successful, the Government must legislate for equality.
  • If the court makes a neutral decision (ie - says the Constitution neither compels, nor blocks marriage being open to same sex couples) then the Government will be free to legislate for marriage equality.
  • If the court finds that the Constitution prohibits same sex couples from marrying, then a referendum must be held to change the Constitution, to bring it in line with what the people of Ireland want.

International Developments - We Can't Be Left Behind

  • We now have 10 countries that give same sex couples access to civil marriage, and 5 US States.
  • US President Barack Obama has, as recently as last week, directed lawyers for the state to drop their defence of the Defence of Marriage Act, which prohibits the recognition of marriage for same sex couples at federal level. This is monumental and paves the way for marriage equality to become a reality throughout the US in the next few years.
  • Ireland cannot be left behind, and should lead the way for other EU member states and countries worldwide.

For your convenience, we have listed the newly elected (and re-elected) Fine Gael and Labour TDs below:


NameConstituencyEmail AddressNameConstituencyEmail Address
BROUGHAN, TommyDublin North EastThomas_P_Broughan@oireachtas.ieMCCARTHY, MichaelCork South
BURTON, JoanDublin Westjoan.burton@oir.ieMCNAMARA,
BYRNE, EricDublin South Centralericbyrn@indigo.ieNASH,
CONAGHAN, MichaelDublin South Centralmichael.conaghan@oir.ieNOLAN, DerekGalway
CONWAY, CiaraWaterfordvoteconway@gmail.comO RIORDAIN, AodhanDublin North
COSTELLO, JoeDublin Centraljoe.costello@oireachtas.ieO'SULLIVAN, JanLimerick
DOWDS, RobertDublin Mid Westrdowds@sdublincoco.iePENROSE, WillieLongford -
GILMORE, EamonDun Laoghaireeamon.gilmore@oir.iePHELAN, AnnCarlow -
FERRIS, AnneWicklowanneferris7@gmail.comQUINN, RuairiDublin South
HANNIGAN, DominicMeath Eastdominic.hannigan@oir.ieRABBITTE, PatDublin South
HOWLIN, BrendanWexfordbrendan.howlin@oir.ieRYAN, BrendanDublin
HUMPHREYS, KevinDublin South Eastkevin.humphreys@oir.ieSHERLOCK, SeanCork
KEAVENEY, ColmGalway Eastcolm@colmkeaveney.ieSHORTALL, RoisinDublin North
KELLY, AlanTipperary Northoffice@alankelly.ieSPRING, ArthurKerry - North West
KENNY, SeanDublin North Eastinfo@seankenny.ieSTAGG, EmmetKildare
LYNCH, KathleenCork North Centralkathleen.lynch@oir.ieTUFFY, JoannaDublin Mid
LYNCH, CiaranCork South Centralciaran.lynch@oir.ieWALL, JackKildare
LYONS, JohnDublin North Westjohnc.lyons@dublincity.ieWHITE, AlexDublin
MALONEY, EamonnDublin South   



NameConstituencyEmail AddressNameConstituencyEmail Address
BANNON, JamesLongford Westmeathjames.bannon@oireachtas.ieHAYES, TomTipperary
BARRETT, SeanDun Laoghairesean.barrett@oireachtas.ieHEYDON, MartinKildare
BARRY, TomCork Easttom@tbwarehousing.ieHOGAN, PhilCarlow
BREEN, PatClarepat.breen@oireachtas.ieHUMPHREYS, HeatherCavan
BRUTON, RichardDublin North Centralrichard.bruton@oireachtas.ieKEATING, DerekDublin Mid
BUTLER, RayMeath Westraybutlertrim@eircom.netKEHOE,
BUTTIMER, JerryCork South Centraljerry.buttimer@oireachtas.ieKENNY,
BYRNE, CatherineDublin South Centralcatherine.byrne@oireachtas.ieKYNE, SeanGalway
CANNON, CiaranGalway Eastciaran.cannon@oireachtas.ieLAWLOR, AnthonyKildare
CAREY, JoeClarejoe.carey@oireachtas.ieMATHEWS, PeterDublin
COFFEY, PaudieWaterfordpaudie.coffey@oireachtas.ieMCENTEE, ShaneMeath
COLLINS, AineCork North Westcollinsaine@eircom.netMCFADDEN, NickyLongford
CONLAN, SeanCavan Monaghanseanconlan@hotmail.comMCGINLEY, DinnyDonegal South
CONNAUGHTON, PaulGalway Eastpaul.connaughton@oireachtas.ieMCHUGH, JoeDonegal North
COONAN, NoelTipperary Northnoelcoonan@eircom.netMCLOUGHLIN, TonySligo - North
CORCORAN KENNEDY, MarcellaLaois Offalycorcorankennedy@eircom.netMITCHELL O'CONNOR, MaryDun
COVENEY, SimonCork South Centralsimon.coveney@oireachtas.ieMITCHELL, OliviaDublin
CREED, MichaelCork North Westmichael.creed@oireachtas.ieMULHERIN,
CREIGHTON, LucindaDublin South Eastlucinda.creighton@oireachtas.ieMURPHY, DaraCork North
DALY, JimCork South Westjim@jimdaly.ieMURPHY, EoghanDublin South
DEASY, JohnWaterfordjohn.deasy@oireachtas.ieNAUGHTEN, DenisRoscommon - South
DEENIHAN, JimmyKerry - North West Limerickjdeenihan@eircom.netNEVILLE,
DEERING, PatCarlow Kilkennyinfo@patdeering.ieNOONAN, MichaelLimerick
DOHERTY, ReginaMeath Eastregina.doherty@finegael.ieO'DONNELL, KieranLimerick
DONOHOE, PaschalDublin Centralpaschal.donohoe@oireachtas.ieO'DONOVAN,
DOYLE, AndrewWicklowandrew.doyle@oireachtas.ieO'DOWD,
DURKAN, BernardKildare Northbernard.durkan@oireachtas.ieO'MAHONY,
ENGLISH, DamienMeath Westdamien.english@oireachtas.ieO'REILLY, JoeCavan
FARRELL, AlanDublin Northalan.farrell@fingalcoco.iePERRY, JohnSligo - North
FEIGHAN, FrankRoscommon - South Leitrimfrank.feighan@oireachtas.iePHELAN, John PaulCarlow
FITZGERALD, FrancesDublin Mid Westfrances.fitzgerald@oireachtas.ieREILLY, JamesDublin
FLANAGAN, CharlesLaois Offalycharles.flanagan@oir.ieSHATTER, AlanDublin
FLANAGAN, TerenceDublin North Eastterence.flanagan@oireachtas.ieSTANTON, DavidCork
GRIFFIN, BrendanKerry Southbrendangriffinfg@gmail.comTIMMINS,
HARRINGTON, NoelCork South Westnoelharringtonccc@eircom.netTWOMEY,
HARRIS, SimonWicklowsimon.harris@finegael.ieVARADKAR, LeoDublin
HAYES, BrianDublin South Westbrian.hayes@finegael.ieWALSH, BrianGalway