Uruguay Moving To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

11 Apr 2011

Uruguay's Parliament is considering legislation to legalize same-sex marriage in that South American nation. This move means that the United States is moving further and further behind the world with regards to LGBT equality. The bill is being driven by the nation's ruling coalition, the Frente Amplio, which has a majority in both houses. The bill has a very strong chance of passing. Bill author Sebastian Sabini informed Chile's El Murcurio newspaper "We do not focus so much on the issue of gay marriage, but of equal marriage regardless of sex, gender or religion."

According to the Star Observer:

'The bill, would amend the country's Civil Code to refer to spouses instead of husband and wife, meaning transgender and intersex people would also be covered, and would allow non-biological parents in a marriage to be given parental rights and obligations to their partners' biological children.'

Uruguay has a long history of LGBT rights. Homosexuality has been legal there since 1934, and they were the first to create civil unions in Latin America in 2007. Argentina became the first South American nation to legalize same-sex marriage in 2010, however. So far, Sabini has indicated that there has been no opposition to the bill, and a lot of support. He expects that the bill will be passed by the Uruguayan Chamber of Deputies in the next few months and by the Senate before the year is out.

Article taken from lezgetreal.com.