British Royal Wedding audiences urged to support marriage equality

29 Apr 2011

With the British Royal Wedding keeping thousands of Irish people glued to their TV sets today, Marriage Equality is urging people to show their support for lesbian and gay couples who cannot get married by getting involved in the campaign.

On Monday, April 25th the UK-based 'Equal Love' campaign presented a giant wedding card for Prince William and Kate Middleton outside the gates of Buckingham Palace.

The 'Equal Love' campaign, which highlights the ban on civil marriage for same-sex couples in the UK, urged Kate and William to support marriage equality. The card, signed by dozens of supporters, read:
"Congratulations William and Kate on your Wedding Day. We wish you a happy life together. You can get married, gay people can't. We are banned by law. We ask you to support marriage equality. Equal=Love."

At present, Irish couples in same-sex relationships are in a similar position to their UK counterparts, they can register a civil partnership but cannot get married.
Moninne Griffith, Director of Marriage Equality, said: "Today, many people all over Ireland will be watching the marriage of two people who met, fell in love and chose to get married - while at the same time there are many same-sex couples all across the country who do not have the freedom to marry the person they love and want to spend the rest of their lives with. In a democratic society like Ireland, marriage should be open to everyone."

In March, a Red C poll showed 73% popular support for equal marriage rights for same sex couples in Ireland. Marriage Equality today reiterated its calls upon the Government to listen to the will of the Irish people and make marriage equality a reality for same sex couples all over Ireland.

For more information, contact: Moninne Griffith, Director - Marriage Equality
Tel: 01 873 4183