Re-launched website aims to show why marriage equality matters to couples and families

15 Jul 2011

Civil Partnership is not the same as civil marriage - that is the focus of Marriage Equality's website, which was re-launched today. The newly redesigned website highlights the differences between Civil Partnership and marriage and how these differences affect couples and families. It also shares stories of real same sex couples and families and why marriage equality matters to them.

"With this website, we want to show Ireland that for same sex couples, marriage equality is not only about rights and benefits," explained Moninne Griffith, Director of Marriage Equality. "The choice to get married is about making a commitment to the person you love, and about being able to protect and care for your family. Ending exclusion from marriage helps families while hurting no one. We are asking everyone who believes in equality to visit our website and get involved with this important campaign." uses videos, stories and images alongside research, legal opinions and legislative analyses to bring a human face to the struggle for equality. In particular, the "About Families" section looks at the ways in which the Civil Partnership legislation discriminates against the children of same sex parents by letting visitors see, read and hear the children's stories in their own voices.

"Many people across Ireland may know a gay or lesbian person, or even a same sex family," Ms Griffith said, "But they may not understand that Civil Partnership is not the same as marriage, and so they may not realise why marriage equality matters to same sex couples. For example, they may not know that the Civil Partnership legislation ignores children in same sex families."

Following this year's General Election, the Irish Government committed to considering the provision of marriage equality in the context of a Constitutional Convention. Marriage Equality have pledged to fully engage with the Constitutional Convention, which will report within 12 months on the legislative and/or constitutional options to provide for same-sex marriage.


For more information, please contact:

Moninne Griffith
Director - Marriage Equality
Tel: 01 873 4183