Just Love? - Marriage Equality launches urgent public funding appeal

22 Jul 2011


Marriage Equality today launched its Just Love? Urgent Funding Appeal. The organisation, which has been campaigning for the introduction of equal marriage rights for same sex couples for the past 4 years, today announced that its primary funder - The Atlantic Philanthropies - is exiting the LGBT sector here in Ireland at the end of the year and that therefore the funding they have received is coming to an end. Marriage Equality is now asking its supporters, and people all over Ireland who believe in equality to invest in the campaign and make a donation to help replace this funding.

Speaking earlier today, Marriage Equality Director Moninne Griffith said: "As an organisation we've seen huge successes in the 4 years we've been campaigning, and we'd like to thank The Atlantic Philanthropies for believing in our vision of equality for same sex couples and families. Public support for marriage equality has grown from 56% in 2008 to 73% in 2011. We've seen Civil Partnership introduced, but Civil Partnership is only a first step, it is not equality. The Government has promised to look at the provision of same sex marriage in the context of a constitutional convention, so we're nearly there. Equality is within arm's reach but we have to be able to engage with the convention in order to get marriage equality across the line. It would be tragic to miss out on achieving our ultimate goal because of a lack of funding."

Marriage Equality recently relaunched its website www.marriagequality.ie to highlight the differences between Civil Partnership and Civil Marriage. One of the key differences the site looks at is the lack of legal rights and protections for children of same sex couples - completely omitted from Civil Partnership legislation.

"Our supporters are incredible," said Ms. Griffith. "They have lobbied their TDs, marched with us in Pride parades all over the country, and spread the word about why marriage matters to same sex couples and families. Now we would ask them, and anyone who believes in equality to help us see our campaign all the way. We can achieve equality for same sex couples and our families - we're almost there. Any donation, no matter how big or small, can make a difference."

Please visit www.marriagequality.ie to find out more, or to make a donation.


For more information, please contact:

Moninne Griffith
Director - Marriage Equality
Tel: 01 873 4183
Email: moninne@marriagequality.ie