Marriage Equality’s September Advocate of the Month

5 Sep 2011


At the recent Third Annual March for Marriage, he addressed a cheering crowd of over 5000 people, saying "I once naively believed that civil partnership was equality; it took five minutes of education for me to learn that it wasn't."

He is a committed LGBT rights activist and champion of equality and human rights - we're delighted to name Brian Kennedy as our Advocate of the Month for September!

Since he first serenaded us at our second birthday celebration last year, Brian has gone on to become a passionate marriage equality advocate - from speaking out in the media about the continued, urgent need for marriage equality, to his rousing speech at this year's March for Marriage.

DSC06206Click here to see Brian on TV3's Ireland AM talking about marriage equality

Click here to watch Brian's speech from the March for Marriage

He told the crowd that there is a huge gulf in rights between full marriage and the civil partnership legislation that came into effect this year, saying "I believe this is a human rights issue. There are 150 anomalies between civil partnership and civil marriage."

Brian, thank you for all the amazing work you've done to remind people that marriage equality matters. With supporters like you behind our cause, we know we'll be able to succeed.