The Time Has Come - Tánaiste says "I Do" to marriage equality

4 Jul 2012

On Sunday, July 1st 2012, Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore became the first government minister to publically add his voice to the 73% of Irish people who support marriage equality. His strong statement on "the civil rights issue of this generation" marks an historic point in our campaign for equality.

We hope you'll join us in thanking the Tánaiste for taking this important step toward protecting same sex couples and families through the removal of the marriage ban.

Gilmore 3 edit


1. Send the Tánaiste a "thank you" email - copy and paste the text below into an email to the Tánaiste.

"Dear Tánaiste,

Thank you for your recent public support of marriage equality for same-sex couples, for showing true political leadership and standing up for same sex couples, our families and our children. Your words mark a significant step forward in "the civil rights issue of this generation". The majority of Irish people stand with you in your belief that loving couples deserve the same rights, protections, and recognition.

The time for marriage equality is now. As you said yourself, our laws are out of step with public opinion. The Constitutional Convention is a key opportunity to protect same sex couples and families, and to ensure that they are treated equally under the law by enshrining marriage equality in the Irish Constitution. I hope that the Constitutional Convention will make a positive recommendation in relation to marriage equality, and that the government will implement any positive recommendation without delay. The majority of Irish people believe in fairness and equality for their fellow citizens, and so do I.

Thank you for taking leadership on this issue and for taking this important step.


(your name & address here)"

Alan Shatter2. Give Minister Shatter a bit of encouragement

The following day, Justice Minister Alan Shatter said he "did not disagree" with the Tánaiste's statement, hinting at his own personal support for marriage equality. We'd like you to send an email ( thanking him for his initial support and asking for a clear, public statement of his belief in marriage equality. He's almost there... he just needs a bit of positive encouragement!

"Dear Minister Shatter,

Thank you for your recent comments agreeing with Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore on the issue of marriage equality.

I'm asking you to join the majority of Irish people who support allowing loving and committed gay and lesbian couples to legally marry and to someday soon tell the world that you support marriage equality for Irish couples.


(your name & address here)"

Merrion Square3. Join our TD Campaign

What if we told you there was one very simple thing you could do to help achieve equality for gay and lesbian people in Ireland? This summer, we're asking ALL of you to meet as many of your TDs as possible, and to ask them 3 things:

1. To launch the Constitutional Convention without delay.
2. To ensure that the issue of marriage equality is prioritised in the Constitutional Convention
3. To ask them the following simple question:

"If you are selected for the Constitutional Convention, will you vote in favour of proposals introducing marriage equality?"

Then let us know what they said, by calling 01 873 4183 or emailing