Youth Of Ireland Call For Marriage Equality

19 Nov 2012

Young and Irish Page 2 of the "Being Young and Irish" declaration (photo courtesy of Darragh)

Marriage Equality have welcomed the results of President Michael D Higgins' "Being Young and Irish" consultation process. The report, which was launched last week, captured the views and offers the vision of almost 800 young people on life for young people in Irish society today as well as their proposals for the future of this country. The final report includes a major theme of equality and features - among other issues - the need for marriage equality and adoption rights for same sex couples.

"We would like to thank all the young people who took part in this consultation process and expressed their desire to see a fairer, more equal society in Ireland," said Marriage Equality Chair Grainne Healy. "Support for marriage equality has always been strong among young people, and what this consultation process and its report have shown is that young people want to see Ireland take the lead on important issues of equality. They want to build a more modern society that respects diversity and believes in equality for all."

The upcoming Constitutional Convention - due to have its first meeting on December 1st - will be looking at the provision of marriage equality among other issues. The Convention is made up of 100 people, including 33 political representatives, 66 members of the general public, and a chairperson - Tom Arnold of Concern. Marriage Equality are committed to fully engaging with the Convention, and have encouraged their supporters to contact their local TDs to request that marriage equality be dealt with as a priority issue.

"Now is the time for marriage equality," added Ms Healy. "Public support amongst Irish people is at 73%, many public officials have actively stated their support for the issue, and local authorities up and down the country have been voting in favour of marriage equality. The Constitutional Convention is a huge opportunity for us as a country to take the next step as a modern, democratic country and be leaders when it comes to equality for all."