Carlow County Council passes motion of support for marriage equality

4 Jul 2013


Carlow County Council joined a growing list of councils around the island of Ireland in June 2013 to pass a motion of support for marriage equality.

The motion was proposed by Councillor William Paton with the support of Councillors Jim Townsend, Caroline Townsend, Des Hurley and William Quinn. 

"If as a country we do not prohibit marriage on the grounds of age difference, religious beliefs, skin colour or nationality, why do we continue to descrimintae on the grounds of sexual orientation when it comes to civil marriage?" said Councillor Paton. 

The motion was passed by 7 votes to 1, with some Councillors absent or abstaining from the vote. 

Please send a message to thank those who voted in favour, especially if you live in the Carlow area.

They were: Councillors Michael Doran FG, Arthur McDonald FF, Tom O'Neill FG, William Paton Lab, Jim Townsend Lab, William Quinn Lab, Des Hurley Ind.

You can find their email addresses here: