Urgent appeal for TD Campaign Volunteers

22 Aug 2013

volunteers TD Campaign volunteers celebrating the Constitutional Convention vote.

Our TD campaign has been informing and helping supporters to visit their TDs since the beginning of the marriage equality campaign. The TD Campaign has been a vital part of moving politicians and the country closer and closer to Marriage Equality. 

We are now in the home stretch of the campaign for equality, moving swiftly towards a referendum on same-sex marriage by 2014.

TD Campaign volunteers will continue to play a vital role in the campaign, making sure we keep the pressure on politicians to hold a referendum sooner rather than later, and ultimately getting out the vote for the referendum.

Volunteering takes just two hours of your time on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening once a fortnight. You will be phoning our wonderful supporters, keeping them updated and engaged in the campaign, from September.

You will learn about grassroots campaigns and enhance communication skills. Volunteers need a willingness to proactively contact supporters and an open and friendly nature.

Please email Carol at carol@marriagequality.ie to find out more and to join the team.