Planned Government Legislation will Provide Provisions to Recognise and Protect LGBT Couples and Children

25 Nov 2013

Publication cover - Children and Family Relationships Bill 2013 141113 Cover image for Children and Family Relationships Bill 2013 141113

The Irish Government have published a briefing document for its Family Relationships and Children Bill 2013. The bill will deal with Assisted Human Reproduction (AHR), guardianship and adoption among other issues which affect prospective and current parents in Ireland. The bill is in its infancy but is expected to become law by mid 2014.

Grainne Healy, Chairwoman for Marriage Equality commented, “This bill is essentially about children’s rights and its passage will assist all couples who are parents or planning   parenthood. While not developed exclusively for LGBT people, this bill provides a framework to recognise and protect diversity of family forms including those families which use AHR and adoption.”

Grainne continued, “The Family Relationships and Children Bill is a massively positive step towards full equality for LGBT people and equal treatment for diverse families and protection of children’s rights in a modern Ireland. There are so many families, some headed by LGBT parents, whom this bill will benefit. However, the ultimate goal to provide equality for LGBT couples and families is the 2015 marriage equality referendum which we are fully committed to winning.”

Please visit the Marriage Equality website for further information on this and more at The Department of Justice Briefing note can be found here.