A new video asks LGBT people, friends and allies ‘What does equal marriage mean to you?

2 Sep 2014

Here is a note from the makers of this film:

“The video is called “Our Equal Marriage” and centres around the question “What does Equal Marriage mean to you?”. The video also explores the stigma that surrounds same sex relationships that are not fully recognised in Ireland.

While Equal Marriage will not be the end of the discrimination that the LGBT community face it’s a move in the right direction. Research in the past has found that the stigma that the LGBT community face can be internalised, leading to mental health issues and low self-esteem, as we can grow up believing that we are lesser than our heterosexual peers.

The main aim of the video is to show that equal marriage will not only be a positive step for the LGBT community but will positively affect our heterosexual family and friends as they want us to be happy and to enjoy the same rights as they do.”

Please watch and share.’