BAI Code Manipulated to Silence and Strike Fear

8 Dec 2014

Monday 8th December 2014: Marriage Equality support Una Mullally writing in today’s Irish Times: ‘Who does the BAI ruling on marriage equality serve.

Andrew Hyland, Co-Director, Marriage Equality commented, “The BAI code is being manipulated to create an environment whereby some media are reluctant discussing marriage equality on air for fear of backlash. Mullally’s article is on the money when she discusses the censorship in place and the dark cloud hanging over Ireland’s social change to-date.”

He continued, “Irish people largely support equal marriage rights for lesbian and gay couples due to our innate sense of fairness. What is not fair is the expectation that lesbian and gay lives and love are continually open to criticism and hurt in the form of anti-equality opponents on air.”

Moninne Griffith, Co-Director, Marriage Equality said, “Loving and committed lesbian and gay couples remain vulnerable in Ireland due to the lack of constitutional protections civil marriage will provide. This vulnerability is heightened when it is considered acceptable to always have an opponent on air to place hurdles on their path to equality.”

She continued, “Expecting everyday supporters of marriage equality to always have their hopes and dreams shot down and degraded on radio and T.V. by opposition in the name of balance is unacceptable. What’s fair is that LGBT people should be allowed talk about their lives without being told it’s wrong and undeserving of equality.”

Marriage Equality is a campaign working to promote equality for LGBT people in Ireland. Further information can be found on