Judge Catherine Mc Guinness urges voters to register before deadline

19 Apr 2015


Press release: Sunday, 19 April 2015

Irish citizens still have the opportunity to make their voices heard in the two referendums being held on 22 May, voters were told today (Sunday 19 April 2015) by retired Supreme Court Judge Catherine McGuinness.

Speaking at a photocall with members of An Garda Siochana at Pearse Street Garda Station in Dublin at noon today, the retired Judge and former Senator urged all citizens to ensure that they are on the register before close of business on 5 May, when local authorities close applications.

McGuinness said:
“Referendums are a unique opportunity for every citizen directly to decide on whether or not amendments to our Constitution, which is the basis of all our law, are made. Whichever way citizens choose to vote in the two polls being held on22 May, it is important that they ensure that their voices can be heard by ensuring they are registered and by marking their ballot on polling day”

“There is still time to make sure you are on the electoral register. You can check if you are on the register at www.checktheregister.ie. If you are not registered, or if you want to change your registered address, simply fill out the appropriate RFA2 or RFA3 form, get it stamped in your local Garda Station, and send it freepost to your local authority before 5 May. Forms are available to print on www.checktheregister.ie, on your local authority website, or in hard copy at your local Garda station.”

“The referendums on 22 May will be decided by those who register to vote, and turn out on 22 May. Make sure that your voice is heard”.

Media Contacts:
Jeanne McDonagh, 087 246 9855 / jeanne@yesequality.ie

– Two referendums will take place on 22 May: one on marriage equality, the second on changing the age of eligibility to run for president
– All Irish Citizens resident in Ireland can vote in the referendum, provided they are registered to vote.
– Voters can check if they are on the register on www.checktheregister.ie
– If they are not on the register, or want to change their registered address, they can print out the appropriate RFA2 or RFA3 form, fill it out, get it stamped at their local Garda Station, and send it freepost to their local authority by close of business on 5 May 2015.