Yes Equality welcomes unequivocal support for Yes from Childrens’ Rights Groups

29 Apr 2015

Yes Equality welcomes unequivocal support for Yes from Childrens’ Rights Groups

A Yes vote fundamentally in the best interests of children say Barnardos, Children’s Rights Alliance and ISPCC


Press release, for immediate release

Wednesday 29 April 2015
The Yes Equality campaign has welcomed today’s (Wednesday 29 April 2015) clear and unambiguous recommendation by children’s rights groups of a Yes vote in the Marriage Equality Referendum on 22 May in the interests of the children of Ireland.

Ireland’s leading children’s rights advocates, Fergus Finlay (Barnardos), Tanya Ward (Children’s Rights Alliance) and Grainne Long (ISPCC), made the children’s rights case for a Yes vote at a press conference held today.

Speaking at the conference, ISPCC Chair Grainne Long said:

“Our organisations work with children day in and day out and fundamentally believe a Yes vote is in the best interests of children. Our views are based not on ideology or worldview, but on the evidence, on what we know, and on what children are telling us every day.”

Children’s Rights Alliance CEO Tanya Ward said:

“A Yes vote will be positive for all children, including children of same sex couples who will benefit from constitutional protection. How is constitutional protection a bad thing? As a parent I want every child to be accepted by our society. This is the message a Yes will send.”

Emphasising that in Ireland, families come in a range of different forms, Barnardos CEO Fergus Finlay said:

“There is not a shred of evidence anywhere in the world that says that the nature, or gender, or sexual orientation of the parent is more important than the quality and commitment of the parenting.”

Welcoming this intervention by children’s rights groups, Yes Equality spokesperson Grainne Healy said:

“Today’s statement by three of Ireland’s most respected and expert children’s rights groups cuts a swathe through the many inaccuracies that have been raised in this campaign where children and families are concerned. Yes Equality is a family values campaign, seeking equal protections for families and children in Ireland. This clear, unambiguous statement of support for a Yes vote from organisations that work with children day-in and day-out over many years, is most welcome.”


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– The joint press conference by Barnardos, the Children’s Rights Alliance and the ISPCC took place this morning, Wednesday 29 April at 9.30am in Buswell’s Hotel, Dublin 2.