Yes Equality response to the latest opinion polling on the Marriage Equality Referendum

16 May 2015

Grainne Healy Co-Director of the Yes Equality Campaign said

“The results of the Ipsos/MRBI opinion poll published in this morning’s Irish Times reflects the strong support for Marriage Equality which our canvassing groups have found at doorsteps throughout the country.

Our active nationwide campaign has been predicated upon some narrowing of the margin in favour of YES as polling day approached. We note that today’s poll confirms that this has occurred.

The result of this referendum will be determined by turnout on Friday next. We remain focused on the final stage of our campaign and on executing our plans for what will be the most extensive Get out the Vote operation ever put in place for an Irish referendum.

We are taking nothing for granted. Yes Equality volunteers in our 58 groups nationwide will have thousands more conversations with voters in the week ahead.

This referendum will only be passed if those in favour of marriage equality cast their ballot. We will work tirelessly in pursuit of every vote and in mobilising those who support marriage equality to the polls.”


Media Contact: Andrew Hyland, 087 9088 322