A Yes vote on Friday will deliver equality for our families

18 May 2015

Yes Equality Press Release, for immediate release
Monday 18 May 2015

A Yes vote on Friday will deliver equality for our families. That was the key message delivered by the ISPCC and the Children’s Rights Alliance at the launch of the latest Yes Equality video this morning.

The video features adult children of same sex couples talking about their families, and was launched at the Yes Equality office at a press conference attended by representatives of leading Irish charities representing children and young people.

Evan Barry, who features in the video, said:

“A Yes vote on Friday would deliver recognition for my family and for other families like mine that exist all across Ireland”.

Caroline O’Sullivan of the ISPCC emphasised their call for a yes vote. She said:

“The 15 children’s rights organisations supporting marriage equality reaffirm that a Yes vote would be in the best interests of children.”

“If there was evidence that this referendum was not in the best interest of children we could not and would not support it. We are supporting the referendum because we believe it is good for children and it is the right thing to do”, she said.

Tanya Ward, of the Children’s Rights Alliance called for a Yes vote and emphasised that “the important factor in ensuring that children are alright is that they are brought up in a loving, secure, stable and nurturing environment”.

Grainne Healy, Co-Director, Yes Equality campaign, emphasised that a yes vote will underscore the importance of providing security for families headed by lesbian and gay couples.

“This referendum is about delivering equality that will enhance the rights of every Irish citizen and will make Ireland a better place. We know that all the research shows that the kids are alright, that children growing up in lesbian and gay households do just as well as children growing up in other family types. A yes vote will provide security and protection to these families, the protection that all married families in Ireland enjoy.



Walter Jayawardene, Yes Equality Communications Coordinator
walter@yesequality.ie 0879981574


Today’s new campaign video ‘The Kids are Alright’ can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYFRvl_ntZM