Pathways to legal recognition for children and parents in LGBT headed families will be secured when Children & Family Relationships Bill Becomes Law

19 Feb 2015

Thursday, 19th February 2015: Marriage Equality today welcomes the publication of the Children & Family Relationships Bill, heralding it as a long overdue step to protect all the children of Ireland. Specifically, Marriage Equality is jubilant that for the first time, the children of LGBT headed households will be recognised and protected by the Irish state, ending the discrimination of this heretofore unprotected group in Irish society.

Moninne Griffith, Director, Marriage Equality said, “We warmly welcome the Children & Family Relationships Bill as a milestone in recognising and protecting the children with lesbian and gay parents in Irish society. While the protections afforded in the bill to these children is critical and long overdue, we also acknowledge that finally there are provisions for the many types of families in Ireland including families with step parents, foster parents and where grandparents are caring for and raising children. This Bill will place the best interests of the child principal at the heart of decisions.”

“The Children & Family Relationships Bill is the culmination of years of work. While it is critical that it be passed, we welcome the period of debate to follow in the next few weeks to enable legislators to fine tune and strengthen it with children’s best interests at the heart of all decisions. Children will now have access to their parents and guardians ensuring they are provided with the best possible chances to a loving, safe and secure family life.”