MarriagEquality responds to ISE Conference "Why Marriage? Love and Justice in 21st Century Ireland.

20 May 2008

MarriagEquality has responded to the ISE conference, 'Why Marriage? Love and Justice in 21st Century Ireland', saying it welcomes all debate on same-sex marriage. MarriagEquality says that civil and religious marriage are two separate institutions and that religious thinkers and leaders have a responsibility to guide the debate on same-sex religious marriage in a positive direction.

Grainne Healy, Co-Chair, MarriagEquality commented, "We welcome the focus on informed discussion on marriage for same-sex couples. While MarriagEquality aims to gain access to civil, not religious marriage, we welcome the initiative by the Irish Ecumenical grouping to provide a space for informed discussion of this important issue. MarriagEquality will continue to work for civil marriage, or non-religious marriage, in Ireland. A secondary status will continue to be afforded to lesbians and gay men until we can marry in a civil ceremony and have our relationships fully recognised, and our families protected, under the Constitution."

She continued, 'More religious groupings should be having this debate. MarriagEquality believes that providing lesbians and gay men with the option of civil marriage, would contribute to a more equal society in Ireland and also strengthen the institution of marriage."

Currently, lesbian and gay couples in Ireland do not have the option of marriage and therefore they and their families remain unprotected by the Constitution.

MarriagEquality is working for civil marriage in Ireland. For more information see or contact 01 659 9499.