Voters encouraged to quiz candidates on marriage equality views

2 Feb 2011

To Do List02.02.2011

Following yesterday's dissolution of the 30th Dáil, and with candidates for the 31st Dáil beginning their election campaigns, Marriage Equality today launched their 'To Do' List, which calls on supporters to ask candidates about their views on equal marriage rights for same sex couples in Ireland.

Moninne Griffith, Director of Marriage Equality, said "The decisions we make on February 25th will shape this country for the next decade. We cannot afford to let the issue of equality for all the people of Ireland - including same sex couples, our families and our children - be forgotten as we work towards a new and better Ireland."

The canvassing tool was distributed to thousands of supporters of equal marriage rights for same sex couples and is available for download from Marriage Equality's website. It encourages people to follow three simple steps: asking candidates if they are in favour of equality and marriage rights, following up with an email to each candidate, and feeding responses back to Marriage Equality. The organisation is asking supporters to make it clear to potential TDs that in addition to economic issues, they will favour candidates who will make equality for gay and lesbian couples a reality.

"We're encouraging our supporters to find out what each candidate says about their, or their party's, plans for equal marriage rights for same sex couples and to feed that information back to us. After the General Election, we want to make sure that marriage equality stays on the political agenda," said Ms Griffith.


Download Marriage Equality's "To Do" List canvassing tool.


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