Get Involved

Here are just a few of the ways that you can get involved with Marriage Equality:

Group pic # 6Whether it's through visiting your TDs, starting a conversation with friends and family, running a marathon to raise money or becoming a regular donor, your time and effort is hugely valuable to Marriage Equality, and helps us in the work we do to make equality a reality for same sex couples, our families and our children.


1. Join our Club 500

We're looking for 500 supporters to become Marriage Equality partners by committing to give €20 per month to help us fund the vision - an Ireland where same sex couples, our families and our children are valued and protected equally.

2. Help to raise funds for Marriage Equality

We've had many successes in the 4 years we've been around... what would you give to get Marriage Equality across the finish line?

3. Join our Out To Your TD lobbying campaign

2013's Constitutional Convention provides a HUGE opportunity for supporters of marriage equality to engage with the process to make it a reality. Supporters will be able to make the case for provision of equal access to marriage and to show how much support there is for it amongst the public  (this currently stands at 73% as per most recent polls).  We have a unique opportunity to inform the Convention and to ensure that a positive recommendation from it issues to Government. This is THE next step to getting marriage equality across the line.

You can also volunteer on the TD Campaign and help us mobilize supporters. Find out more here.

4. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

5. Sign up to our e-newsletter to stay up to date on the latest news and events from Marriage Equality.