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Woody Cows with Placardssmaller Ireland is ready for Marriage Equality!

The Constitutional Convention voted by 79% in April 2013 to recommend to Government to introduce marriage equality for same sex couples. The Government will debate this recommendation in the Autumn. We all need to play our part to get this across the line. We all need to talk to our TDs during the countdown to the November 1st deadline for Government to respond to the Constitutional Convention recommendation. We need to make sure they are aware of the urgent need to set a date for a referendum on this issue as soon as possible and that this is something we support and the vast majority of Irish people support (75% in the latest polls).

Ireland is ready for marriage equality. Ask your TD to let the people of Ireland make marriage equality a reality so that same sex couples, their families and children are respected and protected equally.

You can send an email to your TD using the online action on our Facebook page or download the letter and send it to your TD ( To download the letter click here ) or to take action on facebook click here, or use the button below to take action through our website.

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Then come back to this page and follow these 5 easy steps to arrange a visit to your TD/Senator:

Step 1 - Find out who your local TDs or Senators are via this clickable map   and make an appointment to visit all of them.

Step 2 - Contact Marriage Equality   beforehand for support and info about what you might say and the views of the politicians you are visiting.

Step 3 - Visit TDs, tell your stories   - how being banned from Civil Marriage impacts on your everyday life, or the lives of people you care about.

Step 4 - Encourage friends and family   to do the same.

Step 5 - Contact us and let us know what your TDs said   so we can keep track of their attitudes and/or support.