Post Election - What next?

The election results are in, the Irish electorate have made their voice clear, 'We are not happy and we want change!' To view the results for yourself log onto

The Irish political landscape has been irrevocably altered with speculations now over what would happen if it had been a general election. What would the face of the Irish Government look like? At this stage we're less concerned with speculation and more concerned about how we can channel our energies into turning the election results to our favour.

One clear way is to visit your local councillor, TD or senator and tell them that Civil Partnership is outdated and out of touch with what the people of Ireland want. And what we want is the option to marry in a civil ceremony. MarriagEquality have new TD packs which contains tons of information which will help you talk to your local elected representatives. Call us now on 01 6599 459 and we'll pop a pack in the post today.

Reading Niamh Connolly's piece in the Sunday Business Post, 14th June 2009, Policy or Power? gives great insight into why now is a great time to be asking for change from our politicians. Ms Connolly says, 'The Greens want an entirely new Programme for Government - not a revised one - on the grounds that fundamental changes are needed...'

This is a clear signal for advocates for equal marriage rights for same sex couples, to visit Fianna Fail and Green Party TDs and tell them we want Marriage on the new Programme for Government. The statistics are there for them to see; a majority of Irish people want civil marriage opened up to same sex couples. To quote our own Co-Chair, Grainne Healy, "Irish people understand deeply and keenly, that the denials of marriage rights for gay and lesbian people is discriminatory and homophobic; it denies full citizen rights for gays and lesbians."

MarriagEquality has been lobbying Irish politicians but it is crucial you do the same at a local level and as a concerned constituent. Make a difference and make your local political representative change the Programme for Government to make it inclusive of marriage equality legislation.