Planning Your Civil Partnership?

civil8Image by Lisa O’Dwyer Photography & Pearl & Godiva

Did you know that as of December 2012, 965 couples had registered civil partnerships?  That's about 2 per day since the first ones took place in March 2011!  Marriage Equality would like to congratulate all the couples who have registered their Civil Partnership, and to those couples planning their big days in the future.

All of us at Marriage Equality wish you every happiness on your special day! We'll be celebrating with you as we continue to push for equality for same-sex couples and all our families and we hope that you will too. 

How to register a Civil Partnership

For more information on registering your notice of intention to enter a civil partnership, please visit the Civil Partnership section of the General Register Office's website. 

Marriage Equality's Civil Partnership Supplier Directory

Planning your Civil Partnership? Looking for just the right venue / photographer / musicians? Take a look at our Civil Partnership Supplier Directory for LGBT-friendly vendors across Ireland. 

"Register for Equality" and Marriage Equality Favours

A gift or donation to Marriage Equality is a great way to show your support for the campaign for equality for same sex couples, our families and our children as you celebrate your special day. Find out how you can Register for Equality, or read about our Wedding and Civil Partnership Favours

Information for after the Big Day

For information on Taxation for Civil Partners, please read "Taxation and Civil Partnerships - Frequently Asked Questions on Civil Partnerships" - a publication by the Revenue Commissioners.